Lolth was once an elven woman, deeply devoted to Corellon Larethian, she would eventually become

a Goddess of evil. Known by many names over her years, the most renown being "The Spider Queen."

She is responsible for the Drow race, after ascending via stealing a piece of Corellon's godhood in 790 B.B.

Before Ascension

Lolth was once a proud elven woman, highly devoted to Corellon, to the point of day-to-day communication with him. This communication soon grew to affection and Corellon found himself in love with the woman. Lolth's intentions were originally pure until Nerull intervened, whispering secrets in her ear and using illusions to show her a possibility of her becoming a Goddess.

To do so, Lolth would have to steal a part of Corellon's godhood, an act done so via taking a piece of them and infusing it with yourself.

When Corellon could not bare to be apart from Lolth, he saw to it that she be brought to Arborea for him. It was then that Lolth took a knife given to her by Nerull, that she did cut out a part of Corellon's heart and eat it. This act gave her Godhood status but came at a terrible price.

Corellon's Punishment

As punishment for her treachery, Corellon cursed Lolth to be forever disfigured. Lolth took on the form of a Spider, though, due to her godhood, she kept her elven face. She fled Arborea, taking solace in a Domain of her own creation: The Spider Pits. There, she created the Drow, a darkened version of Corellon's beloved Elven race. She remains in The Spider Pits to this day, aboard a giant castle atop a mechanical spider, praying on those that stumble into her Domain.