Mc'Gruff the Crime Bear

Mc'Gruff the Crime Bear was a sentient bear bestowed the ability to think freely as a person by his master, Xiao. Born in 340 A.B in the Goedy Woods, Mc'Gruff went on to become one of the Furious Five that would save the world from Kas the Betrayer.

Xiao wanted to unleash the raw power of the bear in the form of a new martial arts but his human body always hindered him, as such, he took on a new pupil. Xiao's magic was able to bestow intelligence to the bear but not enough to allow full communication, thus Mc'Gruff was only able to communicate via the words that make up his name and title.

During his training as a Ranger, Mc'Gruff obtained an animal companion, an owl, which he named Boo Boo. Boo Boo would eventually pass away from old age in 351 A.B.

Life and Following

Mc'Gruff learnt the ways of the world from Xiao, though turned away from the ways of the Monks, a decision that Xiao never truly forgave. After leaving the monastery for greener pastures in 345 A.B, Mc'Gruff found himself in Rhesda where he met Morgan Ironfist and Dannon Devitus, later meeting Yuvon Lokmar and Varien Nerdibanger.

In 348 A.B, Mc'Gruff and the Furious Five were on a mission to uncover whom had stolen the water from a small desert village, whilst there, Mc'Gruff was struck by a ghost's spell, magically aging him by 15 years and nearly killing him.

The Furious Five would eventually uncover a sinister plot in Tacot of demonic influence and in 350 A.B, they slew the Flesh Gollum that was summoned by Kas the Betrayer. In the battle, Mc'Gruff summoned a barrage of animals to distract the Gollum whilst Morgan Ironfist took out the "brain" (Kas' essence). Afterwards, they were all knighted as heroes and Mc'Gruff went back to Goedy Woods to teach others the way of The Bear.


In 355 A.B, Mc'Gruff the Crime Bear died of old age. (The short life-span due to the magical attack that had occurred in 348 A.B.) A funeral was held in Tacot and a might statue was erected in his honor in Goedy Woods. His powerful bow was buried under the statue as a reminder to his students to always have a bow ready.

Mc'Gruff's death is said to be the cause of Dannon Devitus leaving Elion for an unknown domain, as the two were known to have a close bond.