Pandora was the first Human, created by Pelor. She existed at roughly 15 B.B

and was the lover of Vecna, the first Lich. It is due to her that evil exists in Elion.


In 0.0 B.B, the Gods of Creation forged Elion, some creating their own races in which to exist on this world. Pelor, putting forth sunlight and healing magic, saw what others were putting forth as their chosen beings and decided that he too would create something.

It took 15 years before Pelor was able to forge what he saw as a perfect being, the Human. Pelor, proud of what he had created, gave her the ability to create her own versions of herself and endowed her with a name close to his own: Pandora.

Pandora thrived in the world, bringing forth many children with different races, creating the Half-Orcs and Half-Elves and forging alliances with their respective races, as Pelor had wished.


Pandora, though child-bearing to others, fell in love with a sorcerer of great power, Vecna. Drawn by his ability to master the arcane arts, Pandora sought to stay at his side, even during his attempt at destroying all magic users, other than himself. Her continuous presence with Vecna slowly filled her soul with evil intentions, turning her from Pelor's original plan for her.

Due to Pelor's hubris in his creation, he had given Pandora the ability to enter the godly realm, Arborea, something no other mortal could do. Vecna used this to his advantage, sending her to retrieve the Ever-Flame for him to use to ascend to godhood.

Pandora, fully corrupted at this point, gladly chose to attempt to steal the Ever-Flame. She was caught, however by Nerull. Enraged at what she had tried to do, Nerull ripped her soul open, killing her in the process and releasing all the evil that Vecna had poured into it. The evil essence fell from Arborea onto the Material Plane, causing evil to exist forever more.

After Death

After her death, Pandora was mourned by Pelor, not just due to her soul being destroyed but due to her corruption. Pelor collected the pieces of Pandora's soul and found what remained to be the essence of Hope. Using this, Pelor placed the pieces in a special phylactery in the heart of Elion, creating the light-house in The Shrine of Shattered Souls.