Sir Money-Banks

Sir Arthur Money-Banks was an Elven aristocrat and money-tender of Laham.

He oversaw all financial gain made in the city and owned countless elven slaves, including

his guardsmen whom he armed with magical armour and weapons. He is the brother of Squiggely Banks.

Born in 320 A.B to a poor family, Arthur vowed that when he grew up, he would never be poor and spread his riches in hopes that nobody would know the struggles of a poor-house. This changed quickly as he grew up and eventually his greed took over his whole personality.

In 420 A.B, his daughter, Emelia, ran away due to feeling imposed upon, Arthur paid The Five Uniques cash to bring her back, despite not caring for her safety, but merely the safety of his image to the community.

In 421 A.B, during "The Slave Uprising of Laham", Arthur Money-Banks was eaten by the cannibalistic Elves that he had enslaved.