The Mainland


Elion's mainland is where 90% of the cities and dungeons are held.

It has existed for over 1000 years, with the Gods creating the world in what is known as 0B.B

Through a combined effort from the eight Greater Gods, the world was created. It wasn't until Pandora's Box was opened that things such as monsters and dark magic (In roughly 15 B.B) did exist.

At roughly 800 B.B, the Dragon known as Bahamut became the first mortal to ascend, creating a new era known as A.B (After Bahamut) as this opened a new goal thought impossible by mortal kind: Ascending to God-hood.

Current Era

As of 420 A.B, The towns & cities are described as "Self-Sustainable", though this is a stubborn excuse

for their leaders to not have interference from other cities and towns over trading and laws.

Most cities exist under an Autocracy, having a single ruler, though others have branched out to other forms of government.

Asmodeus' Corruption

The Mainland has yet to be touched by Asmodeus' corruption proper, as the lands have yet to become barren, however, demons and evil forces have become more rapid in occurrences since Asmodeus' arrival.