The Wastes Edit

The Wastes were once known as Dew Valley a thriving area in Elion but have since been corrupted by

Asmodeus' presence. It connected to Elion's arctic pole that exists to the south but has since become untraversable due to a large splice in the earth that acts as a gateway to The Nine Hells.

The Wastes now exist as a barren wasteland that holds only four locations:

- The Lair of the Tit-Dragon: A cult-occupied castle that once housed the flesh gollum known as the Tit Dragon.

- The Lost City: A series of caverns and tunnels that span to a city-sized area.

- Barad Hilen: A long-forgotten castle that no-one has entered under fear of vampires.

Appearances Edit

In 420 A.B, the group known as The Five Uniques were taken to The Wastes where they were to be sacrificed by The Cult of Change to create their Tit-Dragon. They managed to slaughter the would-be-god and escape from The Wastes via the port to Madale.