Varien Nerdibanger

Varien Nerdibanger was an Elven rogue, born in Opbluff in 200 A.B. He kept his criminal identity a well-kept secret by posing as the local librarian during the day and committing his burglaries at night in a cowl. In 346 A.B, Varien joined the Furious Five in their adventures and left Elion for the Domain of Knowledge in 353 A.B.

Joining the Furious Five and Various Adventures.

Varien enjoyed his work as a librarian in Opbluff and was a respected member of the community, often lending books from the library to the orphanages. It was during the night that Varien took to the streets under cowl and cloak as a sinister burglar, stealing riches from those more fortunate but never any more than he needed to sustain his lifestyle.

In 345 A.B, Varien attempted to steal a casket of wine off the belt of a Dwarf, after being knocked unconscious by said Dwarf, Varien was introduced to Morgan Ironfist, Mc'Gruff the Crime Bear, Dannon Devitus and Yuvon Lokmar. The team accepted Varien into their adventuring team on the grounds that he didn't steal from them.

In 347 A.B, Varien Nerdibanger committed one of the greatest heists in history, the theft of a book of knowledge from the domain of Baccob, a book that could reveal the future of those that read it, though deeply puzzling and constantly changing due to the threads of fate constantly changing. It was this artifact that put the Furious Five onto the path of Kas the Betrayer and his invasion of Tacot.

In 350 A.B, the Furious Five battled the Flesh Gollum in Tacot and, using his various explosives, Varien was able to blow a sizable chunk of flesh away from the back of the skull of the Gollum, allowing Morgan to finish it off. Afterwards, they were all knighted as heroes and Varien returned to his library duties, though ceasing his criminal activities.

After The Demonic Invasion of Tacot.

In 353 A.B, Varien Nerdibanger returned to the domain of Baccob and gave back the book of knowledge that he had stolen in the past. Baccob, though initially angry at his defiance, allowed Varien to stay in the Domain and become its carer, bestowing upon him the visage of a giant owl, an appearance that Varien chose himself as a tribute to his friend's, Mc'Gruff the Crime Bear, animal companion Boo Boo.